Instructions for Sunday Check-in

  • Make sure ALL the following paperwork is complete before check-in:
    1. Payment
    2. Bring your Pre Camp Tennis Information Form along with the 2 Medication Forms (will be emailed 3 weeks before the beginning of Camp) with you to check-in on Sunday.
    3. Confirmation Information 
  • Please make sure your child has had a good lunch before campers are dropped off.
  • Please make every attempt to arrive on time. The campers will play on Sunday afternoon right after check-in. Groups will be set first so attendance is necessary to place campers in the correct groups.
  • Please make contact ahead of time for roommate requests. We will be more than happy to make these accommodations in advance. If a roommate request is made inside of two weeks before the session begins, the request might not be able to be filled.

Campers will need to check-in at registration from 12:00pm-2:00pm on Sunday at Cambridge House. Orientation will begin at 2:00pm after campers have checked-in.

Materials provided at check-in:

  • Emergency contact information
  • Counselor contact Information
  • Camp itinerary
  • Camp Store bank registration